My name’s Michelle and I live in beautiful New Zealand. I come from a long line of skilled craftswomen and have been sewing since I was a little girl. Making is in my family, so starting up Handmade has been like going back to my roots. It just feels right.

I am passionately creative and have an eye for detail and quality. Each piece is hand-cut and made with care and quality craftsmanship.

I trained in Fashion Design, working in NZ and Australia for various fashion labels. I moved back to New Zealand and  started my own web design company. I married my best friend, we bought our first home and had 3 gorgeous girls.

I am supported by my husband, who listens to my ideas and challenges me for the better, our 3 inspiring girls who give me plenty of product feedback and our dog Poppy who keeps me company and welcomes the couriers at front door.